Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday, July 14, 2019

"Interview & Solo" 
© & courtesy FRESHMEN.NET 
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FreshMen said: "Given the amount of time they devote to Pascal's interview and solo, it is evident that this Hungarian newcomer is a favorite of Luke and Kevin. Pascal is reticent at first, but Kevin's charm soon has him talking and as the floodgates open we learn a lot about him, his background and his life. As he becomes more animated, he becomes more attractive as he flashes his smile. Those that share Luke and Kevin's fondness for Pascal will look forward to his scene with Serge Cavalli at the end of this month."

Sunday, July 14, 2019

© & courtesy COCKYBOYS.COM
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CockyBoys said: "Muscle duo Wess Russel & Max Konnor get together and the sexual attraction is so strong they just can't define it in a few words only action. Their condom-free scene begins sensually but before long Wess is swallowing Max's cock. Max loves it and feeding Wess' mouth but he also has his eye and hands on Wess' big muscle ass. Finally after lots of sucking he gets what he wants. He bends over a chair and voraciously buries his mouth and tongue on his smooth hole. After spending some time on his hole Max also spanks Wess' granite butt and teases his hole. Then he gives Wess what he's been craving. Sliding his cock in slow Max soon goes harder to expand Wess' hole. After getting in deep, Max gives his hole a break but not his mouth. He lays Wess on his back to face fuck and subtly dominate him before nudging him over the edge of the bed consume his hole again. Max soon resumes fucking and goes into deep pile-driving Wess. He brings them both close to the edge but pulls Wess back up to ride his cock. Wess aggressively rides his cock hard and takes his upward thrusts before Max takes control, pick him up and drills him on his back. In short order Max fucks a huge load out of Wess and pulls out to shoot, his cum landing on Wess' hole. He slides his cock back in to rest inside Wess' as they kiss. Who's going to break this up??"


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Xersex said...

Here, I think Cockboys are enjoying a bit more then Belami's guys!

Ici, je pense que les Cockboys a'amusent un peu plus que les gars de Belami! (belle action de rimming)