Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday, September 20, 2019 
© & courtesy COCKYBOYS.COM 
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CockyBoys says: "Cory Kane enjoys some late night downtime with sexy, enigmatic fellow Canadian Sean Peek but it isn't long before their slow-burning sensual intimacy heats up in this condom-free flip-fuck scene. While in bed they make out and Cory's fingers play with Sean's body and he works his way to sucking him. Sean's vocal appreciation gets Cory going and although he already wants this cock inside him, Sean wants to suck him back first. Sean hungrily sucks Cory's steel cock but Cory still has getting fucked on his mind. He teases his crack on Sean's cock and Sean teases back and soon Cory is sliding down on it and riding him. The fuse is lit on Sean's sexual energy and he thrusts into Cory deep. After lying back for most of the scene Sean takes charge to fuck Cory from behind and drill him to the bed. Sean dominates his ass and goes a bit longer before he lets Cory fuck him back. Cory gives vocal Sean a power topping from behind before flipping him on his back to plow him deep. Cory strokes his cock to the edge before Sean takes over and cums over himself in an intense orgasm. Cory soon cums over Sean's hole and slides his cock back in, making out just as they started. Is it really over though? Sean says he never gets enough. Abd the night is still young. Enjoy, Jake Jaxson.


Friday, September 20, 2019 
"Summer Break, Series"
© & courtesy BELAMIONLINE.COM 
(Google it, as Blogger bans my link to the site)
BelAmi says: "Adam is in a bit of a bind today as he has not fulfilled his quota of home videos for the month, but the only boy he can find is Orri Aasen… and Orri already has a date lined up with Raphael Nyon. Although Adam and Orri are great friends, the friendship obviously falls in 2nd place when it comes to Orri getting a big cock to play with. As you can tell by the setting, this scene is a leftover from our 'Summer Break' series, so maybe it will also inspire you to go back and revisit some of the other scenes from that series too.


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Xersex said...

very erotic & gayromantic!

My last post - mon dernier post here - ici

whkattk said...

Well, when you're young, horny, and full of cum, having a date won't stop you. LOL. Have a delightful weekend! Hugs and bisous.

AOM SoulFood said...

Lovely couples. I shook by computer screen and the couple at the top fell into bed with the couple below them. WOOOOOO : ) Wishing you a Wonderful Weekend, my Love. Hugs and Bisous, AOM