Saturday, November 16, 2019

Saturday, November 16, 2019 
"A Is For Alpha" 
© & courtesy COCKYBOYS.COM 
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CockyBoys says: "In the second episode of "A Is For Alpha" Greg McKeon represents the "daddy" side of being an Alpha. It's a role he loves, not just for dominating a willing "boy" like Marcus Young, but the please of "teaching" a younger man how to be a better lover. And in this condom-free sweet Marcus Young is a very apt pupil. Marcus' passion is being dominated & fucked and he shows it right away lying down with his ass offered up to Greg. Greg buries his face in his bubble butt and relishes rimming him with a couple of slaps, spurring Marcus to declare, "It's all yours." After giving him a thorough rimjob and a little sucking Greg quietly orders a very eager-to-please Marcus to suck him. Greg shows Marcus how to take his face-fucking while he reaches over to finger and rim his butt even more. And for good measure Greg shows Marcus in the mirror what it all looks like. This also excites Greg to fuck Marcus' throat more in a 69 until he's ready take him al the way. He lifts him up and sits Marcus on his cock to ride him. Greg thrusts into Marcus and dominates his ass, then turns him sideways and on his back. He pins down Marcus and pounds him harder, all over the bed before turning him on his stomach. Greg drills Marcus relentlessly on the bed and over the end then pulls just out in time to shoot a massive hands-free load over his butt & back. He slides his throbbing cock in to finish cumming inside Marcus and fuck it in deep. Finally he flips Marcus on his back and helps him shoot his load before kissing him with passionate affection. No words are spoken but Greg's kisses say "good boy". Enjoy, Jake Jaxson."


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Xersex said...

magnifique sexe
bonne fin de semaine!

great sex
happy week end

Xersex said...

as-tu jamais pensé à mettre un titre dans tes posts?

tu peux me répondre directement ici!

Your French Patrick said...

Je n'en vois pas l’intérêt. Surtout pas quand le post se subdivise en deux parties qui n'on rien en commun. Bon weekend, my friend.