Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 
© & courtesy FRESHMEN.NET 
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FreshMen says: "This BelAmi mockumentary details the difficulty of practicing proper office decorum when you’re surrounded by hot, hung guys. Adam is often overly demanding treating his beleaguered assistant Joel more like a slave than staff. Feeling guilty, Adam decides to increase morale with a meal and drink. Joel desires more than this and wants to see HR- horizontal recreation. Since Adam has been riding Joel’s ass, Joel feels he should be allowed to do the same to Adam for a time. Though Adam is trying to be a more understanding boss, his ass is one office perk he won’t be offering. Fortunately, there’s another staff member who loves stiff members and getting fucked by large dicks, our other production assistant Eluan. The staff commences enjoying each other’s staffs and office morale is restored with a three way."

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 
"Milk & Cookies" 
© & courtesy PRIDESTUDIOS.COM 
In Their Studio COCK VIRGINS 
(Google it, as Blogger bans my link to the site)
CockVirgins says: "Jordan is headed over to his buddies Dads house to see if he is back for spring break from College yet. Jordan knocks on the door and his buddies Dad Max answers the door in hi towel. A little shocked but understandable that he just got out of the shower Jordan inquires about his friend and nope he has not come back yet. Max invites him in for some cookies and milk so they can catch up some. Jordan notices that Max has a raging hard on and the way he keeps looking at him makes him think that Max has other motives for bringing him inside. They both make eye contact and Max grabs Jordan's hand and rests it on his chest and tells him its OK and they both begin making out as Max moves Jordan's hand onto his cock. Jordan is a little nervous but that big cock is looking very juicy and he can't hold back any longer so he wraps his eager wet mouth around it and starts to suck all the juices out. Max loves the college boy blow job he is receiving and now he wants that ass very badly so he lifts him up onto the kitchen counter top and spreads his legs wide so he can squeeze his cock into that tight hole. Max pounds away so that you can hear his balls slapping with each thrust. Jordan loves the feel of the throbbing dick in his ass which sends him over the edge and they both cum all over his smooth young chest. Enjoy!"

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Hot guys said...

The top boy isn't so bad, even though it's BelAmi or whatever production. And LMAO at the horny daddy doing his boy. Don't get me wrong... I don't mind that, at all! :)

whkattk said...

Little Adam is as cute as ever! Hugs and bisous!

AOM SoulFood said...

Tons of fun! Thanks for keeping us well stocked with fun. I hope you and yours are doing well. I wish you a beautiful day, my Love. Hugs and Bisous, AOM

Xersex said...

it's for sure a Centre Europe - Slavic production!