Saturday, April 25, 2020

Saturday, April 25, 2020 
"Drew Is Back For More"
© & courtesy COCKY BOYS 
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CockyBoys says: "Drew Dixon is back for more and this time he gets Cory Kane for some condom-free flip-fuck action! Even though they had been flirting online before this, they take their time with some sensual kissing, body play and mutual cock-stroking. But, they do get naked and that's when Drew goes down on Cory and hungrily sucks the cock that Cory has been teasing him with online. Drew can't get enough of Cory's giant dick but at one point he takes a break to let Cory suck him back..before they get into a 69. In time though Drew rims Cory and gives him the topping he's been missing. Drew fucks Cory from behind, lovingly thrusting deep into him before flipping him on his back and getting into a steady rhythm bringing them both to the edge. Drew takes his turn by sitting on Cory's cock and riding him deep in both directions as they get louder & louder. Cory soon takes over, hip-thrusting his cock into Drew until he fucks a load out of him. Cory bends Drew over and shoots over his hole and back into him. Cum oozes out of Drew's twitching hole and he fingers some of it to share with Cory before they end their first meeting with a passionate kiss. Wanna bet they'll be doing more off-camera? Enjoy, Jake Jaxson."

Saturday, April 25, 2020 
"Jambo Africa" 
© & courtesy BEL AMI 
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BelAmi says: "It's Sex Safari time again this week and we have a double photoset to kick things off with Ryan McKenna and Mark Sullivan in front of the camera today. The mood is definitely romantic between the two guys as Eliot does his best to create a very erotic set of images. During the shoot we finmd out that Mark's small tattoo has a special meaning to him as well as how Ryan's nipples react to getting licked. With such a promising start to the week, things are looking hot."

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AOM SoulFood said...

I especially love the Bel Ami set. Such gorgeous guys and wonderfully photographed. I hope you and yours are doing well and staying safe, my Love. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Hugs and Bisous, AOM

Hot guys said...

Really like the energy of the first top, even though he's not attractive nor manly... I'd watch that! The GIFs showed me more than enough to "buy me".

And of course, I don't even need to mention the always welcome BelAmi boys. Did you know that only a few years ago, I wasn't into them and those kind of videos? They were boring to me. Too slow, fake, boring etc but hey...

Time changes things, I guess. And our taste.

Xersex said...

charme at its zenith