Thursday, April 23, 2020

Thursday, April 23, 2020 
"Clark & Davis Enjoy A Quickie" 
© & courtesy COCKY BOYS 
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CockyBoys says: "Hot fan faves Clark Davis & Max Konnor are back... in a special filmed live cam show bonus scene! From the start Clark can't get enough of Max's muscled bod and he's rewarded by Max sensually seducing him right back. Max kisses his ripped body and turns Clark around to dry hump him and rub up against him. Then, after sucking on Max's nipples Clark goes down on Max's giant cock. Clark takes up the sucking challenge and deep throats Max and takes some face-fucking on the way to eye-watering pleasure-giving. In response Max flips him over and takes his time to deep rim Clark relentlessly. After some sweet kissing Max slides into Clark and pounds him from behind and drills him down to the bed... and almost off the edge of the bed. When Max resumes fucking Clark on all fours they develop a rhythm which includes Clark fucking himself on Max's long, hard cock. But soon Max is on top of Clark again driving into him harder, working up a sweat and with Clark's vocal prodding Max cums inside him. Still hard Max fucks him on his back until Clark shoots his load. As they both come down from their intense release they share more kisses.... One truly exciting show! Enjoy, Jake Jaxson."


Thursday, April 23, 2020 
© & courtesy FRESH MEN 
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FreshMen says: "While not quite being a regular team member, Jeremy Robbins has filmed about a dozen scenes for us. This is his second, partnered with Kirk Gauguin. Sometimes our models are our best recruiters. In this case, Kirk stumbled on Jeremy while he was out running in the park. He proceeded to strike up a conversation, explained what he did for a living and convinced Jeremy to come in and give it a try. Apparently, he liked it as Jeremy has since found work with another Prague based studio. This explains why you may have seen him around the web under a different name. Though inexperienced, he is keen to show his love of being fucked. We are pleased to have him as part of our team, if only for a while."
YourFrenchPatrick adds: Jeremy is also known as Tyler Ross @

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AOM SoulFood said...

Ooooo Ricky is new to me. What a QT Pie! Yum! I hope you and yours are doing well, my Love. I wish you a gorgeous day! Hugs and Bisous, AOM

Xersex said...

fantastic sex!

whkattk said...

I trust you had a lovely Earth Day, and you will enjoy your evening. Hugs and bisous!

Unknown said...

I love men got a hardon but can't jack it from hand hurting from jacking so much through lockdown

Unknown said...

I need help a man man to make me feel like the real man man I am
Suck sit on it and spin I don't care just make me shoot you in your mouth til full luv jojo