Thursday, July 23, 2020

THURSDAY, JULY 23, 2020 

"Horny Housekeeper" 
© & courtesy HELIXTUDIOS.COM 
(Google it, as Blogger bans my link to the site proving that there is no copyright infringement)
HelixStudios says: "Housekeeper Jacob Hansen works for Max Carter, who’s been a real hard ass lately. Hansen is bound and determined to get even with the boss for being a prick. So, he invites bang buddy Seth Peterson over to fuck in the master’s bed! After nearly getting caught when Carter comes home for a sec, Jacob lets his secret lover in the back door, and quickly leads him to the Max’s room. The playful pair kiss and strip, before Seth slinks to his knees to suck some cock. Hansen hammers his head down on his dick with both hands, as Seth slobs his knob like a pro. Jacob moves the brunette bone sucker to the bed, then teases the thick bodied twink over his underwear. He pulls the dude’s drawers down, and releases that raging rod right into his mouth. Jacob laps at his low hangers before ordering the pretty boy to flip over. Seth has the sexiest, smooth ass ever, and Jacob jams his tongue deep in his horny hole till Peterson begs to get fucked. With the gorgeous guy on all fours, Jacob jams his giant jock in, and gets down to deep dicking business. Seth takes a pounding before offering to even the score; and, Hansen is on his back with Seth lodged deep inside, in a hard slamming second. His huge hog points north as he jacks it in time to Peterson’s pounding. Keeping it spicy, the sexed up sluts switch once more. Seth slides down on Jacob’s johnson for a raw ride. His bubble butt looks beautiful with Jacob’s jizz filled balls banging up against it. Sex sounds fill the air, as Hansen hits Peterson’s hot spot, releasing a raging river of nut nearly to his neck. Jacob looks into Seth’s eyes and pumps his hips harder, heaving a hot load onto his boy’s beautiful booty. The creamy confection covers those cakes, AND freshly fucked hole as the two hotties kiss."

THURSDAY, JULY 23, 2020 
"Summer Loves
© & courtesy BELAMIONLINE.COM 
(Google it, as Blogger bans my link to the site proving that there is no copyright infringement)
BelAmi says: "Whenever Jim is involved in a scene we are guaranteed that it is going to be a hot encounter. Not since the time of Dano Sulik have we had a model that could fuck several times a day and still not be satisfied, but that is exactly what Jim is like. Today Benoit and Jim are hard, horny and looking for a place to fuck. Although the Castello is a large place, it is not always easy to find a room with 4 film teams and 2 photographers competing for space. After a tip off from Jerome, our horny pair end up locating a bench in the garden where they can expend their built up sexual energy. Maybe it is the perfect size of his cock or maybe technique, or even maybe something magical, but whatever it is with Jim, all of the other boys really love getting fucked by him, and Benoit here is no exception, moaning in pleasure throughout the fuck until he finally blow his load all over himself."

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Xersex said...

double sex: so erotic

whkattk said...

What a grand place... It looks very old, and a very beautiful garden made for what they do. Hugs and bisous!

AOM SoulFood said...

MMMMMMMMMM Those Bel Amies are so lovely. I sure wish I could live on a island populated by them. Woo Hoo! Wishing you all the very best, my Love. Hugs and Bisous, AOM