Thursday, August 13, 2020

"Summer At Camp CockyBoys" 
© & courtesy COCKY BOYS 
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CockyBoys says: "Summer At Camp CockyBoys continues as Austin Wolf & Aiden Ward return to heat up summer even more! It may be a little quiet, but it's more intimate and that's fine with Austin & Aiden who have long wanted to get together. While sitting on the porch catching catch up on their days on lockdown, Aiden sees Austin getting hard and makes his move. He smothers Austin with kisses and uses his lips and roaming hands to worships his huge muscles. Soon Aiden kneels between Austin's legs and buries his mouth there, slowly getting out his cock to suck and deep-throat. In time Austin sits up to hold Aiden down on his cock and reach over to finger his hole. And before long before Austin bends over Aiden to rim and finger him deep. He also tirns Aiden to suck his big dick while probing his hole. Aiden can't wait anymore and bends over again to offer up his ass. Austin takes the offer & slides into Aiden. In little time Austin is holding Aiden in his arms and pounding him. Every accurate thrust elicits moans from Aiden even as Austin flips him on his back to pound him more. Soon Austin lifts up Aiden and sits him on his cock and Aiden works his hole in virtually every position. In a sexual frenzy Aiden edges Austin who in turn brings Aiden closer by stroking his cock. Before they get overheated though they slow down to make out. They head to the outdoor shower but lust wins out. Austin starts giving Aiden a variable speed drilling while periodically stroking him as Aiden fucks himself on his cock. Finally after prolonged fucking Austin can't hold back any more and pulls out to give a kneeling Aiden an intensely shot mouthful of jizz. Aiden then stands and as Austin fondles him he has his own intense orgasm. They finally get their sensual shower but with their cocks hard again could a more private round two be in the making? Enjoy, Jake Jaxson."

© & courtesy BEL AMI 
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BelAmi says: "We start off our hardcore updates this week with a home video between Orri Aasen and Ryan McKenna. The boys have struck it lucky today and found a free room in the Castello, so all they need is a buddy with a camera to complete their mission of making a home video. Luckily Adam Archuleta is on hand to help out with that part of the task. It seems that Orri is in a bit of a rush to get fucked today and is quite eager to rush though the niceties of foreplay in order to have Ryan's big dick inside of him."

"Solo Session" 
© & courtesy HELIX STUDIOS 
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HelixStudios says: "As part of the AVN award nominated cam duo, Jacob and Harley, Harley Xavier has already gained a legion of fans. In this first solo video with Helix, he’s poised to take the porn world by storm! Harley appears on screen, sudsy and wet from a warm shower that’s caressing his tight, toned body. Water kisses the arch of his back, and drips down his plump, firm ass. Then, the beautiful blond twink shoots that million dollar smile, as he eye fucks the camera and water streams towards his cock. Steam settles in, attracted to the twink’s hotness, but you can still see the beautiful boy clear as day, his perfect, pore-less skin, those full red lips, and that giant cock he slowly starts stroking. Harley’s breath quickens as he works hard on his huge hammer, which has now stretched to it’s full, porn star sized potential. Leaning back like a boss on the shower floor, Xavier teases his tight twink hole while using his other hard on that colossal club as the water continues to pour. Now standing, the beautiful boy milks his monster till it gives the streaming shower a run for it’s money! Fresh cream explodes right up at the camera, splattering down on the dude’s sexy, slender hips. Harley continues to massage his meat, using his silky spooge for lube until he’s swallowed up by sex steam that’s filling the room."

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Bobby b said...


whkattk said...

Harley's a cutie! Have a wonderful evening. Hugs and bisous!

Your French Patrick said...

@ Bobby b
Thanks for the compliment which encourages me

Hot guys said...

Liked daddy Austin ever since saw him for the first time because he's beefy AF, manly & a top only but... His nipple play is incredibly annoying so, NOT watching him ever again. 🤷‍♂️