Sunday, January 23, 2022


"Newcummer Lane as he brings Daniel's WET DREAM to LIFE!"
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"Introducing Lane Colten, another Fresh Face for 2022 making his CockyBoys debut bringing Daniel Evans' wet dream to life! In his recurring sex dream, Daniel is back at boot camp, lying in bed on a hot night and jerking off thinking about a super-hung member of his platoon. That guy Lane comes in and sucks him, putting his hand over Daniel's mouth to keep him quiet. The danger of being caught excites Daniel more and he wants to be fucked. In his dream he cums and wakes up, but here things keep going Daniel gets Lane's cock out of his shorts to suck him and soon quietly tells Lane he wants him to split open his ass with his big dick. Turning him over & pulling down his Daniel's fatigues, Lane licks and tongue fucks his hole, and teases him with his finger and his engorged cock head before he finally answers Daniel's pleas. Lane gets naked and enters him slowly and once his cock is in deep and he starts fucking he has to put his hand over Daniel's mouth to muffle his moans. After deep drilling Daniel, Lane gets him fully naked and then lies back so Daniel can suck him even more enthusiastically. At one point Lane is right on the edge and has to stop him because he wants to cum inside Daniel. Flipping him on his back Lane starts fucking Daniel again, driving him wild and periodically making out him to enhance their connection. Lane then drills Daniel while lying next to him and makes him feel every inch of his cock. Soon Lane finds that spot inside Daniel and keeps going until he makes him shoot his load all over himself. And when Daniel begs to be bed that pushes Lane over the edge. He pulls out to shoot and then finishes inside Daniel. As they make out again Daniel fingers Lane's load into his twitching hole and Lane does the same, making sure his load is deep inside Daniel for keeps. Enjoy, Jake Jaxson."




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Hot guys said...

Hi there 👋🏻

While that bed position is quite somethin', I prefer soldiers as tops only 😏

Your French Patrick said...

You can be a soldier even if you've taken off your uniform. One may not even be a soldier, even if we wear this uniform.
Best regards.

Xersex said...

magnifique! well done!