Tuesday, April 30, 2024


TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2024  
"Sex Scene: Freddy & Sammy."
Release Date: 
Issue #393  April 16, 2024 
© & courtesy FRESHMEN.NET
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FreshMen says: 
"Freddy McQueen never ceases to surprise us. He's a brave young boy and always up for trying new things. Today, after trying oysters for the first time, his appetite for sex is out of control. He's on a trip with Sammy Poulain and cockily suggests sex to his friend. Sammy agrees without hesitation. They don't want to lose a second and run quickly home. As soon as they arrive, they immediately start making out and Freddy is finally able to undress his friend before putting Sammy‘s hard cock in his mouth. Our young rascal then jumps on the table and Sammy returns the favor by sucking Freddy’s massive cock and rimming his ass right after. The dining table seems the perfect place for fucking and so Sammy slides his cock inside Freddy who's been waiting for this moment since they arrived. Freddy and Sammy are pretty imaginative with both the table and a nearby chair. A final ride brings Freddy to orgasm before he offers his face for his friend’s cumshot. This session would be enough for most people but Freddy is soon up for another round."