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Thursday, February 8, 2024


"Sex Scene: Oscar & Callum."
CALLUM DEAN & OSCAR KRAUS (Aka Tomas Dolnak)   
Release Date: 
Issue #381   
© & courtesy FRESHMEN.NET   
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FreshMen says: 
"Never leave our boys on their own. That is the golden rule that Jerome forgot today. Callum Dean, our hugely popular newcomer from last year is being secretly observed by Oscar Kraus as he plays with his hard dick. Once the „spy“ is uncovered, Callum convinces Oscar to join him. Oscar kneels down to put Callum’s cock in his mouth before Callum returns the favour. The two rascals have been nicely pleasing each other until now, but there is so much more to come, especially from Oscar. Callum flips his admirer over and rims his ass before sticking his hard dick inside him. Doggy style, reverse cowboy and missionary positions bring our couple right to the edge. Callum shoots a nice creamy cum over his partner’s well-fucked hole after Oscar cums first over his stomach."
Waybig says: 
"In today’s Freshmen scene, we learn why it’s not wise to leave our boys unattended, a lesson Jerome seems to have forgotten. The scene opens with Callum Dean, last year’s popular newcomer, indulging in some private time. Unbeknownst to him, he’s being stealthily watched by Oscar Kraus. However, once Callum spots his secret observer, he invites Oscar to join in the fun. Oscar Kraus eagerly accepts the invitation, starting by giving Callum Dean’s cock some attention. Callum reciprocates, creating a playful and intimate exchange between the two. Their initial pleasantries set the stage for more intense interactions to follow, particularly from Oscar. The heat rises as Callum Dean takes charge, preparing Oscar Kraus with a thorough rimming before advancing to the main act. The duo experiment with various positions - doggy style, reverse cowboy, and missionary - each one edging them closer to climax. The scene reaches its peak with Oscar cumming first onto his stomach, followed by Callum, who leaves his mark with a creamy finish over Oscar’s satisfied form."