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Saturday, November 11, 2023


"Vegas Pride;"
Release Date: 
October 28, 2023   
© & courtesy HELIXSTUDIOS.COM   
(Google it, as Blogger bans my link to the site)
HelixStudios says: 
"The night time Pride parade burns neon bright in Vegas; and, Spikey Dee, and new boy, Travis Burton are young, beautiful, and basking in the blazing, colorful carnival, feeling freedom in their young, fresh, fine flesh. After the festivities, the fellas head back to their hotel, and continue the sexy celebration. The make out seshion is hot, and heavy, as the boys grab fistfulls of ass, and cock from well packed underwear. When their carnal curiousity finally gets the best of them, the hotties both end up with epic inches in their hands. Travis succumbs to Spikey's supersized seduction, and sinks to his knees, sucking the thin, young schlong slinger's slab like a slurpy slut in heat. Anxious to wrap his lips around Burton'd beefy, eight inch beast, Dee lays back on the bed, and lets the boy come into him for some sensational 69 action. Spikey then signals the sexy, tan twink around, and pierces that perfectly smooth pucker with his darting tongue. With Travis' tight tunnel twitching for action, Dee slides his naughty nine incher in, and quickly amps it up to a pornstar pound down with that king sized cock. Burton glows gorgeous, bronze, and beautiful, as the bountiful boy bangs him out, but good. After a devilishly delicious dicking in doggy, Dee gets the guy on his back, and gets right back up in those guts. Travis takes the twink superstar's supersizer with a sly smile, making Dee dick him even deeper in the home stretch! Spikey slides his hero hog out, and unloads every oozy ounce of his tasty twink spunk onto Travis' tight, tan torso, taint, smooth cheeks, and hole, before plunging his still pulsing piece back in his boy's beautifully, banged out butt."