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Saturday, February 10, 2024


"Curly Cumload."
Release Date: 
January 26, 2024   
© & courtesy HELIXSTUDIOS.COM   
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HelixStudios says: 
"With their matching curly mop of wild hair, sexy CJ Parker, and tasty twunk Seth Peterson compliment one another like a pair of beautiful book-ends as they swap spit, sizzling from the start. Pretty boy Peterson manuvers the lil' twink over to the bed, and pantses Parker, anxious to take a taste of that fresh, young cock. He teases the boy over the undies for a sec, then sheds those shorts right quick. CJ's johnson bounces out bricked up, right into Seth's warm, waiting mouth. After doin' a naughty number on the dude's knob, Seth swivels over to the bed, and lays back, allowing Parker ample work room. CJ spit shines Peterson's pretty piece like a beast, moaning as he goes. Then the pretty twink swings Seth's legs in the air, and tongue punches that perfect pucker. He goes back and forth between the hottie's hole, and pole, demonstrating impressive skill. With Peterson's tight pucker wet, and.ready, CJ slips his dick right in, and and starts pmashing out some strong strokes. After an impressive stint topping, Parker's primal preference kicks in, and he asks Seth for a fucking, which our boy delivers in spades. Seth hammer's the lil' guy's horny hole out good, then mounts him like a lion, showing off his own perfectly smooth, hot hole as continues hitting hard. The boys switch it up once more, and Peterson's perfectly muscled body looks absolutely edible as he rides Parker's piece. After a righteous ride, Seth sits deep down on the dude's dick, jacks his cock, and spits his spunk all the way up to the twink's naughty boy neck. The warm sensation coating his skin sends CJ over the edge. He grabs Seth's smooth seat by one cheek, spreads that perfect ass apart, then blasts it with boy bust. Peterson can't help but ease his epic ass back, and take that sperm covered twink dick up his hole once more, as the pretty pair kiss."