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Thursday, May 16, 2024


THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2024  
"Sex Scene: Eluan, Bart & Kirk, Part 2
Read the Part 1 on yesterday, May 15
Release Date: 
Issue #395, April 30, 2024  
© & courtesy FRESHMEN.NET
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FreshMen says: 
"Bart Cuban and Kirk Gauguin are in the bathroom post-sex. Eluan Jeunet invites them back to the bedroom and offers his oral services to both boys. As soon as Eluan’s pants fall to the ground, Kirk and Bart begin servicing his cock and ass. Eluan offers to fuck Bart’s ass first, who now has a dick up his ass and another in his mouth. This sexy three-way moves along nicely as Eluan offers his ass to Bart in return, while sucking Kirk’s cock again. Kirk is enjoying the blowjob but is also keen to fuck his blond friend’s ass. Bart and Kirk swap places and Kirk fucks Eluan’s ass before reaching orgasm. Bart shoots a thick creamy load over Eluan’s face before Kirk cums on his ass. The session is only over when Eluan rewards his friends' faces with a splashy cumshot."