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Tuesday, July 9, 2024


TUESDAY, JULY 09, 2024  
"Sex Scene: Johnny & Gene."
Release Date: 
Issue #403 - June 18, 2024   
© & courtesy FRESHMEN.NET
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FreshMen says: 
"Gene Allen and Johnny Eilish wake up in bed but as their rock hard dicks show, they are not ready to get up yet. The ever-horny Gene takes advantage of Johnny’s mouth and crams his cock inside it. As a generous lover, he demonstrates his own irresistible skills before spreading his legs so that his partner might rim his hole. Johnny’s darting tongue prepares Gene’s ass for a big challenge. As he slowly inserts his dick Gene gets ever more excited, slowly experiencing the full girth of Johnny’s dick and every thrust inside him. The wild lovemaking is just coming to a climax when Johnny takes the lead again. Gene cums over his stomach before Johnny ends the session by cumming over Gene’s butthole."