Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday, July 18, 2019

© & courtesy FRESHMEN.NET
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FreshMen says: "It’s often true among our models that physical exertion leads to sexual tension. In this case a run around the park leaves Benoit and Ben extremely horny with Ben getting an instant- and understandable- hard-on the moment he hops in the shower with Benoit. Benoit notices this and takes command relieving his friend’s sexual frustration with some hungry ass-eating followed by energetic fucking. Benoit satisfies his own needs by shooting his load all over Ben’s waiting ass and then, using his own cum as lube, slides in and out of Ben. I don’t think either boy will have trouble keeping up with their fitness regimen if this is what it leads to.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

© & courtesy COCKYBOYS.COM 
(Google it, as Blogger bans my link to the site)

CockyBoys says: "Austin Wolf & Austin Avery are together, on screen, for the first time! Having hooked up many times before they've developed an intuitive connection & trust and they bring it on camera in this intensely passionate condom-free scene. As they stand in front of a mirror naked Austin W wraps his arms around Austin A, whispers in his ear, strips him to his boner-stretched briefs and tenderly makes out with him.Austin A then gets to knees to suck him deep, guided guided by the words and firm hands of Austin W. Austin W is extra turned on watching this in the mirror and he takes the time to periodically kiss Austin A lovingly before standing him up to play with his tight hole. When he sits on the bed Austin W keeps watching as he gets more deep throating & he fingers Austin A, who joins in playing with his own hole. Finally Austin A sits on top of Austin W to make out and beg for his dick. With permission Austin A slides down on Austin W's cock and rides it. Austin A is also excited to turn & watch himself the mirror and he can't stop looking. Soon Austin W gets him on his back to thrust into him deep just as Austin A likes it. In turn Austin A plays with the muscle man's trigger point: his nipples. But then Austin W takes a detour. He moves Austin A to his back to fondle his body, suck him and engage him in mutual foreplay before he lies next to Austin A and wraps his arms to fuck him from the side. Austin W kisses & holds Austin A tight and strokes him, but after he drills deeper, the moaning bottom grips his own cock and soon shoots a thick load over himself. Austin W keeps on pumping and while on his knees he pulls out & shoots thick cum over Austin A's hole & slide his super-sensitive cock back in. As his orgasm slowly calms Austin W licks up his cum and kisses Austin A as he fingers the rest into his hole. And as they kiss Austin W is STILL shuddering from the intense orgasm!

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