Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 
"Don't Speak My Language? No problem
© & courtesy BELAMIONLINE.COM 
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BelAmi says: "Dalton might not be a typical BelAmi boy but that does not take away any of his charm. Upon Dalton's arrival in Prague, Rick was in charge of picking him up at airport and driving him to our studio-apartment where he was staying and where the guys were tasked with making him feel at home. The first to welcome Dalton was Roald who offered him a massive load."

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 
"Summer Starts Today" 
© & courtesy COCKYBOYS.COM 
(Google it, as Blogger bans my link to the site)
CockyBoys says: "It's summer fun for Blake Mitchell & Troy Accola! They both love this sexy time of year and have an extra reason to love it. After years of liking each other they finally meet and fulfill their sexy fantasies in this outdoor condom-free scene! In spite of all the anticipation they take it slow, kissing & playing with each other. Even when he gets the go-ahead, Troy mouth-teases Blake's cock, then and sucks him deep and slow, making Blake desire him more. Blake stands above Troy and verbally guides him along as he sucks his balls & chokes on his fantasy cock. Blake soon eagerly gives back, slobbering on his juicy knob and deep sucking an overjoyed Troy. After making out Blake turns over Troy and tongue fucks him until he's more than ready for his cock. Blake slides in and buries his thick uncut cock to the hilt and slowly builds up to ramming speed, leaving Troy breathless. When Blake asks Troy to ride him he eagerly obeys and works his hole up & down on Blake's cock. Blake guides him along with dominant-light talk that's just enough to drive Troy wild. Blake gets him on his back to calm him down a bit with affection-laced dirty talk. And when Troy is almost begging for it Blake fucks him again. Blake drives his cock in deep again and builds momentum and intensity. It doesn't take very long before he pushes Troy over the edge. He pumps a big load of cum out of his cock and it splatters over his body and arms. Blake is astounded and this pushes him to the edge. He pulls out and gives Troy a mouthful of cum and mini-facial. Troy sucks his sensitive cock dry and luxuriates in the taste and feel of cum. And they kiss Troy's smile tells us this was well worth the wait."

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Xersex said...

Great post!

whkattk said...

Summer finally arrived this month - with a real vengeance. 114F yesterday - we expect 2 days of respite, then it's back up to 109-110F. Hugs and bisous!