Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thursday, September 05, 2019 
© & courtesy COCKYBOYS.COM 
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CockyBoys: "On a lovely summer day waking up in the arms of Troy Accola, there's no way Austin Avery is going in to work! Troy happily plays hooky with Austin on a carefree day together outdoors..and inside afterward for some fun condom-free sex! At first they're content to make out and play with each other's rock-hard cocks until Troy makes his move and starts sucking Austin. And when they see themselves in the mirror, they're even more excited. While Austin loves the sucking and toying with Troy's hole, he wants cock too. Austin relishes his cock as Troy enjoys the mirror show and wants to watch himself get face-fucked. They move into a 69 where Troy can also rim Austin's hole. He likes it so much he soon gets Austin into a position to watch his own rimming. Troy can't hold back any more and finally fucks him deep. As much as Troy is thrilled to fuck Austin his hole needs filling too and he rides Austin… while watching himself. Now Austin wants to be in control so he rims and drills Troy from behind over the edge of the bed. Troy is about to cum but Austin wants it inside of him so he gets Troy to fuck him on his back. Soon Troy pulls out and shoots a huge load over his hole and uses his cock to push it all inside Austin. Austin is ready to explode too and he gives Troy a big facial. No cum is wasted as Troy snowball kisses Austin and licks up the rest for another cummy kiss. No question: this was MUCH better than work! Enjoy, Jake Jaxson." 

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Thursday, September 05, 2019 
"Boot Camp Series"
© & courtesy FRESHMEN.NET 
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FreshMen says: "Coitus interrupted? Yes. But only for a little while as we get to see what happens to Sven after he is whisked away from Bastian and Pip’s torrid tryst. I’m sure you’re not surprised to learn that Enrique had his own sexy session planned with our favourite Nordic nymphomaniac. This two-part scene gives us the chance to highlight the considerable skills of two of our most talented bottoms without them having to compete for the same dick. The sex here is every bit as hot as in the first scene as demonstrated by the copious amount of sweat Enrique generates trying to satisfy the insatiable Sven."

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Xersex said...

what great set!
pure bonheur ici!!!

whkattk said...

Two great sets. Happy Thursday.... Hugs and bisous!

Unknown said...

Two great stories!
deux belles histoires completes! Merci!