Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 
"Rising Signs" 
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NextDoorStudios says: "As Roman Todd gives buddy/secret crush Ryan Jordan a much needed massage, he looks for any sign that Ryan might be into more than just a simple rub down. Sure enough, Ryan's dick responds to Roman's caresses, and when he flips over, it's bursting out of his underwear. Ryan's never responded to a guy's touch like this, but Roman tells to just go with it. He does, and before he knows it, Roman is swallowing his cock whole, fulfilling his fantasy and opening Ryan up to a whole new world of his own. Ryan returns the favor and Roman is rock hard instantly, but he's got his mind on more than Ryan's mouth. He tongues Ryan's hole before bending him over and inching his cock deep inside Ryan's hole. Ryan takes it in slowly at first, as Roman inches it in. He looks over his shoulder and tells Roman to fuck him harder, and Roman smiles from ear to ear. He sinks his dick even deeper into Ryan and begins to pound. Ryan's dick gets hard and Roman decides he can't hold out any longer. He's been waiting so long to see what Ryan's big meaty dick would do to him, and he finally has his chance. He tells Ryan to sit up and then he mounts Ryan's hard on, grinding it as Ryan fills up his hole. Ryan realizes he could really get into this, and he flips Roman onto his back, fucking him harder until Roman spits his load all over his stomach. Ryan inches closer and closer to cumming himself, pulling out and blasting Roman's with his seed… a first load between bros, but hopefully not the last. Enjoy!"

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 
© & courtesy FRESHMEN.NET 
(Google it, as Blogger bans my link to the site)
FreshMen says: "In BelAmi Land, being a sleepyhead can lead to getting head. Had Matthieu not slept in, his angelic countenance might not have captured the attention of the sexy Nate Donaghy. Matthieu’s slow start in the day is reflective of his time with us and explains why he didn’t have a proper porn name when this was filmed. Over his first six months, the number of scenes he filmed was so sparse that we didn’t bother coming up with a nom de porn. Fortunately, GD didn’t take Nate’s naming advice. Had he done so Matthieu would no be known as Marilyn Pique! Don’t blame Nate if he comes across a little harsh here. This was one of those days Lukas had a hard time coming up with a storyline so any seeming dickishness is the result of Nate playing the part Lukas gave him. Fortunately, Matthieu is fine with dicks which he demonstrates by taking Nate’s long, thick dick in a variety of creative positions."

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Xersex said...

four fantastic lovers! two dream couples!
quatre amants fantastiques! deux couples de rêve!

my last post - mon dernier post

Michael said...

Wow I just cant get enough of your sexy hot blog. I can't even begin to tell you how many hour of pure joy you have provided me and my right hand. Lol. I just cant get enough of your blog and I thank you for that.

Your French Patrick said...

@ Michael: Thank you for your kind words which encourage me to go on. You can follow my blog and/or use a bookmark, so you'll have two accesses instead of one. I have anotheer blog @ and another @ My mail address is Have a great day. XO