Friday, June 26, 2020

FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2020 
"JAKE JAXSON's All Saints, 
Behind The Scenes" 
© & courtesy COCKYBOYS.COM 
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CockyBoys says: "Last month we announced an initiative to create and curate a series of “Behind the Scenes” content featuring never-before-seen intimate moments with our performers. These instances, captured before, during & after shoots never made it in the final cut. They are raw, real and sometimes humorous moments that will give viewers a little peek into what it’s like on set and how we make our porn. This was done to help our current roster of exclusive performers, many of whom live in areas where there were tighter social distancing and stay-at-home orders. We wanted to find a way to provide them with new “Fan” content which they can use to update their fan pages and not feel pressure to seek out collaborations during the lock-down. We are happy to share some of these with you today. We hope everyone is doing well, and staying safe, strong and happy! Enjoy, Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian." This bonus release takes you behind the scenes of the intense sex scene from part 2 of ALL SAiNTS with Levi Karter returning as Puck and Carter Dane as you've never seen him before. Featuring raw footage and director interaction with Levi & Carter as they move from room to room and in-between.



FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2020 
"Summer Loves
© & courtesy BELAMIONLINE.COM  
(Google it, as Blogger bans my link to the site proving that there is no copyright infringement)
BelAmi says: "As everyone loves to see Peter's fat cock in action, we try and shoot a scene between him and every guy who is comfortable with taking on such a challenge. Today's hot encounter is with the very cute and sexy Alan Mosca. As we know from past scenes, Alan is quite the lover of cock. Small or big, he loves them all and would quite happily spend all his time taking care of them. Peter is also a very appreciative boy he loves any opportunity to fuck where he doesn't have to hold back, so today's pairing results in some of the hottest action of the series."



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Hot guys said...

While I like & respect the 1st top's energy, the 2nd top (in the last set of this post) is an actual beauty! 💛🤎💛🤎💛🤎

He could totally get it, right? 😄

whkattk said...

Hoping you have a wondrous weekend. Hugs and bisous!

AOM SoulFood said...

Awesome couples. Thank you! I hope you and yours are doing well and having fun, my Love. I wish you a beautiful day and wonderful weekend. Hugs and Bisous, aOM