Tuesday, June 30, 2020

TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2020 
"Hylas & Hercules"
© & courtesy BEL AMI 
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BelAmi says:
"PART 1: We are happy to bring you this double day special this week with 2 of our resident Greek gods, Niko and Jeroen. We've chosen to label Niko as Hercules, but in the opening of the scene he could as easily qualify as Narcissus with an extended session of self admiration in the mirror before Jeroen arrives on the set to extend the admiration from just visual to physical. It seems that being worshiped is quite a thing for Niko, as withing seconds he is hard as a rock and remains that way as Jeroen has his way, sucking, rimming and then finally fucking his ample bubble butt before finally shooting his load all over Nikos's hole and slowly pushing it back inside.
PART 2: Our pair of gods are back with us today with the conclusion of the encounter that they started on Thursday. This time it is Niko's turn to fuck Jeroen, and it seems that Jeroen loves having his ass rimmed just as much as Niko did in the first part. While we concede that our cameramen normally do not pay enough attention to this part of love making, Marty Stevens seems to have put extra effort into giving us a great show of ass eating in this pair of scenes. While we all love to see Jeroen as a top, we think that he always gives his best performances when he is getting fucked, and he certainly is enjoying every stoke of Niko's dick in their session today. What do you think? who made the better top and the better bottom?"

Part 1

Part 2

TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2020 
"Wood Before Work
© & courtesy NEXT DOOR STUDIOS 
(the link to the source is the only way to prove the copyright owner's agreement)
NextDoorStudios says: "Carter Woods is getting ready to get to work when Nic Sahara comes in horny and convinces him to stay a little longer for a passionate time. It's ok to be a little late to work when you cummed on time at home."


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whkattk said...

Had a very lovely time relaxing and skinny dipping yesterday. Today, it's back to the daily grind. Hope you are doing well. Hugs and bisous!!!

Hot guys said...

The top in the 2nd set seems interesting, while the 1st set is obviously an awesome one... 😏 It's BelAmi, after all. 👌🏻