Tuesday, June 2, 2020

TUESDAY, JUNE 02, 2020 
"Evening Ritual"
© & courtesy FRESH MEN 
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FreshMen says: "Familiarity. It doesn’t always breed contempt. With all the hot, new “apparel” you’ve been seeing lately, it’s nice to slip into these two comfortable, but still extremely attractive “old shoes”, Torsten Ullman and Billy Montague. This is one of our “Evening Ritual” scenes so it is unencumbered by a storyline - just two hot and sexy guys making love. This is unique among our night scenes in that it takes place on a kitchen table rather than a bed. This is appropriate as the two boys each seem determined to devour the other before the sun rises."

TUESDAY, JUNE 02, 2020 
© & courtesy COCKY BOYS 
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CockyBoys says: "Drew Dixon continues his Cocky Boys buffet with Alex Mecum, who fits Drew's type in many ways including their mutual interest in the simple pleasure of touch. Drew takes his time sensually kissing, touching & worshiping Alex's sculpted body and Alex responds in kind. Even as they get naked their sensual body-to-body foreplay continues until Drew can wait no longer and begins to slowly suck Alex's pulsating boner. Drew savors every inch of Alex's cock and makes him writhe in pleasure, but Alex has more pent-up foreplay to deliver. He engulfs Drew with his body, holding him tight and kissing him everywhere before Alex's mouth descends on his cock. After a while Alex raises the bar with an acrobatic 69 that gives them both deep pleasure. Soon Drew's hole draws Alex's attention and Drew gives him the go ahead to eat him out. Alex's tongue & scruff tantalizes Drew's pucker and runs his hard bod up against him, his bare cock achingly close. Finally after more rimming Alex positions himself and drives his cock in. He thrusts deep into Drew from behind and on top of him, pinning him to the bed. Drew has some acrobatic ideas too and gets Alex to pound him standing while holding up one leg and driving them right up to the edge. Our breathless studs ease themselves down on the bed and Alex drills Drew from the side, enabling them to kiss. And as Drew orgasms and begins shooting Alex bends in to capture some in his mouth and kiss Drew with it. Finally Alex kneels above Drew and strokes until his swollen mushroom spurts thick jizz over his chest and face. Drew is so excited he jacks off a second load! As the euphoric duo fall into more making out it's clear they BOTH got what they wanted. Enjoy, Jake Jaxson"

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Xersex said...

I adore Alex Mecum!

whkattk said...

"old shoes"?? Holy crap, what are they, mid-20s? Well, I know I'm ancient in gay years - even more than Drew Dixon - but didn't know how ancient. LOL Hugs and bisous!