Thursday, July 9, 2020

THURSDAY, JULY 09, 2020 
© & courtesy HELIXSTUDIOS.COM  
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HelixStudios says: "Rushing into the bedroom from the jump, Caleb Gray and Jonah Fisher flood the scene with fire hot energy, and a deep desire for dick. Kissing with combustible chemistry, the pretty pair tear at each other’s cloths as Caleb climbs on top of Fisher’s fine ass. He makes his way to his knees, pull at Jonah’s drawers, and releases that huge hog, which slaps against the twink’s tight stomach with some heft. Gray gorges on the guy’s giant jock, looking up at Jonah every now and again to let him know, he means business. Fisher isn’t fucking around either. He’s unafraid to ask for what he wants; and, what he wants is to suck some dick. Eager to please, and get sucked, Caleb crams his cock in Fisher’s face. The thirsty twink goes to town, thrusting his throat at the dude’s D to get nice and deep. Gray plays with his cock sucker’s perfect piece, causing his hole to hunger. So, he swings a leg over, and comes all the way down on the dick. Jonah places his hands in the hottie’s hips, helping him bounce on his big bone. Then, Fisher orders up a fucking with, “I want you to put it in me!” Caleb cocks the boy good, smashing ass doggy style as smack sounds fill the room. He orders Fisher onto his back, where he bangs the boy out while the dude jerks his juicy jock. Gray lunges forward, kissing Jonah deep, and pinning his knees up by his ears. Then, Fisher tosses his head back, his breath quickens, and his spank speed spasms, milking a manly amount of nut from the boy’s bone. Caleb gazes at the gorgeous glaze, then adds to it, splashing the sex star with spunk all the way up to naughty boy his neck!"

THURSDAY, JULY 09, 2020 
"Photo Session"
© & courtesy BELAMIONLINE.COM 
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BelAmi says: "Some of our photo-sessions during Sex Safari are a little bit different than normal. Today we have blond heroes Nils and Torsten strutting their stuff for Benno Thoma, but when we come to the video, it is a case of boys, boys and more boys everywhere. Benno just seems unable to resist the temptation of grabbing whatever hottie he can lay his hands on and adding them into the mix. As a result our video this week extends itself from the customary 15 minutes up to 23... Not that we are complaining as it gives us a bit of a taste as to how hot our documentary series is going to be."

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AOM SoulFood said...

Wooooooo! What fun. Thanks for these sets. I wish you all the very best, my Love. Hugs and Bisous, AOM

Xersex said...

Belami gives us so beautiful guys

whkattk said...

The photo session looked like a lot of fun. Thank goodness it was a Facebook account this Celine got mixed into and not a bank account! Hope you're having a beautiful day. Hugs and bisous!