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"Viggo, Andrei & Jeroen, Part 1 & 2" 
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© & courtesy BELAMIONLINE.COM 
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BelAmi says: 
"PART 1: Sometimes a little romance is a good thing, but at other times it is better to just go home and fuck At least that is the idea of both Jeroen and Andrei today. Both of these sexy studs are amongst the most experienced and talented lovers that we have on our team, so stay tuned for some pretty explosive action today. Recently there have been requests for us to try a few different things, and Andrei is definitely the perfect model for it. Keep an eye out for the moment he tried to fuck Jeroen with his toe! Things get so intense that Andrei even forgets about his normally impeccable hair and becomes quite disheveled in the fucking frenzy.
PART 2: Some guys just cannot get enough. Viggo is one of them as on a day off he decides to sneak into the studio and film a short video of him playing around with his hole, but of course, things do not go as expected with Jeroen and Andrei turn up for round 2 of their epic fuck fest. The old adage that 3's a crowd is never one that works at BelAmi and pretty soon all 3 guys are naked on the bed. Andrei is the first to get fucked here today, but given that Viggo's sole aim here was to have something up his butt, you can be pretty sure that he does not miss out either!"

Trailer, Part 1 & 2:

GIFs, PART 1 & 2:

Photos, Part 1:

Photos, Part 2:

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