Monday, January 23, 2023


"Ultimate Fantasy."
Release Date: 
January 12, 2023   
© & courtesy BELAMIONLINE.COM 
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BelAmi says (First Part): 
"Today we have some words of wisdom from Andrei that could apply quite often with our guys 'Let's stop talking and have some fun'. Andrei's initial role here was to help translate between Jens and Ethan, but somehow he just assumed that he was to be part of the action as well and it seems that our director thought that it would be a great idea as well. Ethan and Andrei taking turns in fucking eager bottom Jens here today, but they will be back again for part 2 when we add Jim Durden into the mix for the 1st 4some of 2023."
BelAmi says (Second Part):
"We rejoin our merry team today as they are cleaning up from their earlier fuckfest when Jim Durden arrives, and, feeling a little left out, convinces them that round #2 is in order. We kind of expected this to be a gang-bang where everyone fucks Jim, but we are treated to something a bit more special when Ethan joins Team Bottom for the day and gets fucked first by Andrei and then Jens. There is so much fucking going on here it is hard to describe, so it will definitely be best for you to take a look yourselves. We have been trying to pick a standout performance from amongst the guys, but they all seem to be delivering their best today, and everyone here has chosen a different model as the 'best'. Let us know if you think one guy has the edge over the others in this 4way fuckfest."
Trailer, Part 1 & 2:

Pictures, Part 1:

Pictures, Part 2:

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Very good to know all is well.... Happy new week. Hugs and bisous..